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Too Cool For School

Name: Bernard
Age: 13
Where did you hear of us?:
I searched in interests "being cool" and this one was the "coolest" one
Favorite movies:
The Life of David Gale, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, SAW
Favorite music:
Green day, OAR, Dispatch
Favorite books:
Among the Hidden, The Good Guys, The Da Vinci Code
Favorite pick-up line:
Screw me if im wrong but...havent we met before?

Things you love: Theatre, Girls, Girls, Horror Movies, Roller Coasters, Water Parks, Camping, Fun
Pet peeves:
I would never..
Go beyond a kiss on a very first date
I really want to..
Have a girlfriend again
Something cool you own (a picture would be nice):
On an episode of the show friends Pheobe has  a water bottle and then i bought on the internet the cap to that bottle, so i have a bottlecap from a bottle of water that was on the show friends
Give us a cool link:
Hugs or drugs?
Write a haiku (a 3 line poem. first line has 5 syllables, second line has 7 syllables, 3rd line has 5 syllables) about one of the members:
He likes to Skateboard
He also loves kissing girls, Especially French...that was for  _noremac
Say something funny:
When i was born i had two left feet. but its fixed now...i think.
One day I was just _walking_____ when a ___man___ came up to me and said, "____yo yo yo__" So I ___ran__ and then ___fell__. Also, ___died.___.
Where will you promote us?
My livejournal.
Picture(s) - NO LINKS PLEASE!:

sorry if thats kinda big but i dont know, i was pissed when my friend heather took that cause i didnt want her taking pictures of me but it came ou relitvely alright, and it really gives you a good look at me..and the way i look.

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